2019 – VHF IARU

SN7L was QRV during VHF IARU R1 2019 from Śnieżka Mountain (Snezka) 1603m ASL – on the Czechia and Poland border.

We made 1080 QSO, 454500 points
AVG QRB 420km/QSO, ODX LZ7J 1113km

It was our record day – best score, best QSO number. First time on 144MHz above 1000 QSO from Poland ever! ! ! We have some chance for 1st place in Europe.

SN7L team means Matt SP7TEE, Woy SP7HKK, Zbig SP7MTU, Gabi SQ7OYG, Tom SP5XMU, Andy SO3Z, Oli SQ3SWF, Kuba SQ3PCL 🙂
We had Kenwood TS-850 with lot of modifications by SP7TEE, transverter by SP7TEE, 4x SSPA, 4x LNA, and 4 antenna systems: 2x 12el YU7EF, 12el YU7EF, 2x 6el DK7ZB, and fixed to West 4x 6el SP9FYS Yagis vertical stack.
We used Tucnak loggers in network, Airscout with SRTM1, wtKST.

We want say big thank you to IMGW and KPN for this possibility and hospitality.
Before the contest we met on the Śnieżka other HAMs Janek SQ7AEC and Andrzej SP1WSR. They helped us with setting up our equipment.

We had not so bad weather. All equipment worked flawless. We had probably some small tropo lift over the Alps to Italy.

Part of our photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/6ZVZiksDF9R1L3Kr7 and here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JK7g5TWrDcofB3bU

Map http://www.opencontest.org/edi/map/20190927084804000722VNUCJA

TOP DX QSOs >900km

LZ7J KN22 1113 km
LZ9A KN12 1075 km
G8T JO01 1037 km
IQ8XF JN71 1031 km
LZ2T KN13 1027 km
LZ7Z KN13 1020 km
IK8YSW JN71 1019 km
G0VHF/P JO01 1008 km
G8P JO01 1003 km
IO8X JN71 994 km
IA5/IW2MXY JN52 975km
LZ2ZY KN13 954km
I1AXE JN34 930km
IZ1AZA JN34 916km
SM6BFE JO68 912km
EW1W KO33 901km

DXCCs: 25

DL:157872 370 9A: 14801 25 YO: 8857 13 E7: 2765 4
I: 50597 68 S5: 13285 26 OZ: 7277 11 EU: 2434 3
SP: 42111 164 OM: 12983 40 UR: 5949 9 UA2: 1067 2
OK: 22698 166 OE: 10885 34 LZ: 5193 5 T7: 794 1
PA: 19262 27 SM: 10333 16 ON: 4785 6
YU: 18558 25 HA: 9982 22 LY: 4418 6
F: 15399 21 HB: 9142 13 G: 3051 3

SN7L signal at LZ2T KN13 1027km

SN7L signal at IZ1AZA JN34QQ 916km


SN7L at IQ8BI JN63 830km


Our QSO nr 1000 record by SQ6IUS

QSO befor the contest with OE5TOP