Tropo = 28.02 – 3.03.2021


GW8ASD IO83LB 1344 km by SO3Z
G4KUX IO94BP 1265 km by SO3Z
M1GSM IO94DR 1255 km by SO3Z
G8ECI JO03AI 1137 km by SO3Z
G4PLZ JO02PT 1056 km by SO3Z
G4LPP JO02SS 1040 km by SO3Z
LA3EQ JO28XJ 960 km by SO3Z
LA3DV JO49WS 929 km by SO3Z
LA2Z JO59EJ 879 km by SO3Z
LA5AKA JO49UC 872 km by SO3Z

186QSO, 64 WWL, AVG 520km/QSO

DXCCs: 12
OZ:   x40
PA:  x27
DL:  x45
SM:  x26
LA:  x10
SP:  x26
G:  x5
GW:  x1
UR:  x2
LY:  x1
OK:  x2
UA2:  x1

I worked remotly almost all QSO outside the NAC was on FT8
QSOs on CW&SSB during NAC/SPAC.
I heard/have been heard by: LA0GE, LA2D,LA1BNA, LA3YNA, LA3OCT, G8SEI, G8GXP, F5APQ, G4BNM, G4EEV, G4KWQ and multiply other from PA.
Very high noise, a lot of QSB, nice activity from OZ and LA, just 50W from TRV and 14el OWL ZB, Duct was very selective – big signals from LA4YGA on CW, and from Denmark. Weak signals from Netherlands. Nice high pressure area with low humidity and hotter air than close to the ground =  tropo.
ODX GW8ASD had just 80W into 12el Yagi.